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Couples & Marriage Retreats

Move your relationship forward. There is no going back.

All we have is going forward. Advancing. Ready for what's next?

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IMG_2173 3.HEIC

Visiting Hawaii?

Vacationing in Hawaii?

We work with couples One-On-One in a


This program can be arranged around your schedule and includes just what you need to get the relationship back on track. 

Call us with your calendar to set up your sessions.

Investing in your relationship will reap happiness rewards for years to come!

Book 1-5 Days, Depending On Your Needs.


Couples Intensive Retreat

You CAN get your relationship back on track. We will show you how. Intensive Retreats help couples build - or re-build - an amazing, sustainable, communicative, loving relationship.

Relationships have rules and you’ll learn these practical guidelines in one of the most beautiful spots on earth. Whether it’s a relaxing escape with just you and your partner or you decide to bring the family, our retreats are planned to be relaxing and flexible … all while learning to love again.


Whether you’ve grown apart or someone cheated, your session work will allow both partners to heal and grow - together. On the beautiful island of Oahu, you can experience love again and take home the knowledge that your relationship can be at a consistently passionate, equal, and solid. Our sessions are insightful and deal with the personal issues that you’re experiencing as a couple.


Stop the anger. Heal the pain. End the blame. Research shows that divorce will not only cost you tens of thousands of dollars - or more - but it can do long-term damage to your physical health and lessen your children’s sense of security into adulthood.


If you’re ready to end the pattern of failed relationships, an Intensive Couples Retreat is the best way to get love back on track. If you feel like your relationship needs a last resort, then we’ve got just the resort for you! Retreats in beautiful Oahu are amazing any time of year. We’ll arrange the perfect setting and the sessions that will teach you both how to communicate and love again. Request more information today. Dates are filling up. 

Retreat Dates - 2023
Locations Outside of Hawaii

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Our Unique Model
Sets You Up For 

In the past, couples would attend group marriage retreats to work on their relationship. Unfortunately, the success of the group model was not very high. Couples left with their problems still in hand. We have found that couples are better served with Intensive Retreats. We work with couples one-on-one, you each have your own Relationship Specialist. Some sessions are the four of us, sitting down to hash out what is REALLY behind recurring arguments and conflicts. Then we break out individually so that you can each work on your personal triggers and defenses. 

In between the work, you have homework to work on implementing what you have learned. Because you each have you OWN Relationship Coach, there is no time wasted. The Marriage or Couples Intensive Retreats are condensed and focused so that you both can heal and grow and move forward.

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