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Teach A Man How To Love You

We men are all different... and flawed... and crazy... and lovers. The best way for your man to express love is in the exact way that you need it. Make the target easier to hit. Explain it. Clearly. Be aware that you might have to repeat this a few times (maybe with graphics).  Figure out what makes me feel loved. Answer that one and you can help your partner achieve the goal. If you like getting flowers, say so. If you like foot rubs, tell him. If you prefer conversations that are meaningful and include five minutes of his time without the ball game on... let him know that. A hug? Date night? Random text messages at work? Opening the door for you? Washing your car? Jewelry? A personal poem? What do you want? Sometimes we men are standing around trying to figure it out and our partner is out there thinking "he doesn't care." Maybe he does care but he's just not sure how to show it anymore because you've let him forget. Men aren't elephants... we forget things... like how to pee without wetting the toilet seat... or to put it up first (then back down). I should add that elephants actually do forget. The memory thing with elephants is an old wives tale... but that's an aside... a rabbit trail... and aren't we men prone to those too when you're trying to explain important stuff to us.  If you've "told him and told him and told him," it is entirely possible that he is an idiot. Or he doesn't love you any more. Or he's gotten lazy. Or he's dead (have you checked for a pulse). Or he forgot how to speak the language you speak. This is also a communication problem so talk some more. And then talk again

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