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It started out great. But then life happened. Now the relationship is off track. All we do is fight. What happened to our relationship and how do we get it back on track. It's like we speak different languages. Sound familiar?  

What if the problem with relationships was something different than what most people think? Most people have a belief that men and women view and manage relationships differently. We’d like to propose that it is something other than biological sex that determines how you experience, process, and respond to love. 

When we take the concept of male and female out of the equation, we’re much more able to explain the way that people are handling relationships. People don’t respond through their maleness or femaleness but rather through the way that past and present relationships have shaped their emotional processing. Imagine finally being able to understand how your spouse goes about operating within your marriage. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that your partner isn’t choosing their career or golf game over you? Wouldn’t it be great to understand why your significant other is always ‘snooping’ on your phone, in your emails, or in your social media accounts? How can we not just build a relationship but maintain it? The answer to all of these questions is found in you and your partner’s specific emotional decision making style.  


About Us

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Randy Hampton and Beverly Craddock are the married team behind Heart and Head Couple. This duo started a revolution with couples to avoid the “he-said, she-said” mediation-style traditional counseling. Their unique experience and training helps couples rediscover the reasons they got together in the first place. 

Working with hundreds of couples, Randy and Beverly discovered that each partner has a relationship style which causes miscommunication and conflicts. As social scientists, we take a very different approach to relationships that is refreshing and forward looking. The couple has penned many publications to help couples understand what is really going on in relationships and how to communicate more effectively.

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People make our life better. If you would like to improve communications, connection and be your best self...then coaching is what you need. Do your part to become more whole in your relationships.


Many people carry baggage and issues from relationship to relationship. Then they wonder why they keep making the same dating mistakes. When you work on your part of the issue, then you are free to be your best self.


Now you can open up and really focus in the moment, with the person you care about and not feel threatened or triggered.

We have helped thousands of couples get their relationship on track in just a few sessions. Click on the link below to schedule a free phone consultation or your first session.


Navigating the inevitable decisions and potential conflicts will ultimately tell the story of your relationship’s success. This book serves as a guide to turn the challenges into an incredibly strong bond.


It isn’t the absence of conflict that creates a great relationship. It is how we get through the conflict that will define our relationship as good or bad along the way.


If both participants know the rules and play the same, it will make whatever you’re doing - and whatever you’re calling it - a more pleasant experience. The relationship game is constantly changing. These rules seek to make it easier to roll with those changes so that you’re both on the same page. 

Reignite The Spark
Couples Retreats 
in Ha

Were things great at the beginning and confusing now? Read to fix it?

Couples Retreat is for anyone who:

doesn’t want things to get worse or keep going downhill

already tried everything

feels the relationship is capable of
so much more

looking for something very different,

not same old tired approaches

Visit Hawaii

Hawaii is the perfect place to reignite your spark. THIS is your opportunity to turn the relationship around. Retreats are INTENSIVE and tailored to
YOUR relationship.

What Are You Waiting For?

What If I Don't Know Where To Start?

No worries. You will complete a form that will prompt some ideas and a place to start. We can help you figure out where you are stuck.

Think about it. This is your life, your relationship. If it isn't absolutely awesome then what is holding you back? Most couples are getting in their own way. We know how to help you figure that out so you can get there. You will receive a confirmation of the session date/time/location and a form to complete. Sessions are personalized so depending on what we are working on, your session will be approximately 2 hours. Sometimes we work together, you each have your own coach and the four of us sit down to isolate the issues. Other times we work individually to determine the individual triggers and defenses.

How Do You Help Me Achieve Results?

We work differently than couples therapy. Most people who seek our help have either gone to counseling and it failed or they are looking for something different.  

Our sessions start out the 4 of us together to figure out goals and where the issues lie. Then we tailor the session to your needs/goals with either individual work to work on specific triggers or we stay together to work through an exercise to teach you how to fight better. Our work with couples is very hands on and specific to the issues that cause communication break downs and recurring conflict.


We view relationships differently from other relationship folks. We don’t focus on past issues, we take a going forward approach. 

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 inspired...empowered ...
change the way you look at your relationship...

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Heart and Head Couple

Randy Hampton & Beverly Craddock

Relationship Specialists



222 Vineyard Street, #501

Honolulu, HI  96813

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